Add Chinese Font to MikTeX 2.9

最近將我的 MikTeX 升級至 2.9。之後又按照一個網頁提供的資料成功地按裝了 Unicode 的中文明體字, 但反而原本用開的 ntu_kai 階體 Big5 字體出了問題, 不能使用。經過多次嘗試之後出可以出到 pdf 但在 Yap 上看 .dvi 檔還看不到應有的中文字, 而且亦不可以用 dvips。

最後經大半天的時間在網上東找西找, 終於到另一個網頁, 按照上面所教的方法, 最終完成階體的按裝, 在 Yap 及出 pdf 檔方面都沒有問題了。


Softwares I Used

In the past, I tried many different software (mostly freeware) in search for some that suit my purposes.  Sometimes, I found one, downloaded and used.   But after I switch computers, I forgot what was the software and where to find it.  So, here I try to list out most of the hand-picked useful software that I am using now. Continue reading “Softwares I Used”

Flashing ROM for my HTC Magic

After failing to create the Goldcard for my old HTC Magic, I re-think about other methods to flash new ROM for my HTC Magic.  I had used Universal Androot to root my phone and cannot find ROM Manager that word with my phone.  Then I turn back to and find a method that do not require ROM Manager.  I should return and research xda earlier, but I didn’t.

Following the instruction, I only flash the customer Recovery to my phone and skipped the Eng. SPL.  After complete the procedure, turn off the phone.  After it is off, press and hold HOME and POWER together to boot it into recovery mode.  Done.

Next step is to find suitable ROM to flash, but first, backup the system with Nand backup to save my old system.  Then the search is on!

Galaxy ADB Driver

I am in the process of preparing a talk about smart-phone.  I want to talk about my HTC Magic and Samsung Galaxy tablet.  While I can display my HTC Magic screen with the screen capture program, the Android SDK cannot find tablet after I connect it to the computer.

After a few search, I found an article talking about this issue.  However, I need to download the “Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x86 file instead of the x64 file in order for my WindowsXP to work.

Finally, make sure that the USB debug option on the device is on.

Mik TeX 2.9 CJK Font Problem

I am a LaTeX user and I love it very much.  Recently I upgraded the system to MikTeX 2.9 (using in PC of course).   However, after I installed the CJK package, the tex file compiled OK but the dvi file cannot be display.   And when I use pdflatex to compile the file, it kept saying that “bsmip source file cannot be found”.   After a few search on Google, the follow command fixed the problem.

initexmf --mkmaps

The remaining task is to re-install my Big5 Kai font.   I also like to mention that I already successfully installed UTF-8 Chinese font using the instruction from

Screen Capture Program for Android

In the process of preparing a talk about mobile device and smart phone, I found a good program for capture and recording the screen from my HTC Magic.  The program is Android Screenshots and Screen Capture from  It is a window program come with standard installer.  However, it requires that you have the Android SDK installed in your PC.