Flashing ROM for my HTC Magic

After failing to create the Goldcard for my old HTC Magic, I re-think about other methods to flash new ROM for my HTC Magic.  I had used Universal Androot to root my phone and cannot find ROM Manager that word with my phone.  Then I turn back to  http://forum.xda-developers.com and find a method that do not require ROM Manager.  I should return and research xda earlier, but I didn’t.

Following the instruction, I only flash the customer Recovery to my phone and skipped the Eng. SPL.  After complete the procedure, turn off the phone.  After it is off, press and hold HOME and POWER together to boot it into recovery mode.  Done.

Next step is to find suitable ROM to flash, but first, backup the system with Nand backup to save my old system.  Then the search is on!


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