Softwares I Used

In the past, I tried many different software (mostly freeware) in search for some that suit my purposes.  Sometimes, I found one, downloaded and used.   But after I switch computers, I forgot what was the software and where to find it.  So, here I try to list out most of the hand-picked useful software that I am using now.


ZoomIt A display zooming and annotate program provided by MicroSoft.  It is simple but quite useful as a daily tools in classroom demonstration.

ShellExView This is case when I found it toke a long time to display the contact menu after I right-click mouse button.  After some search from Google, I found a page describes how to solve the problem along with link to this program from NirSoft.

Video Capture, Convert and Simple Edit Software

Ever since I started to use iPod (and then later iPad), I am searching for program to convert video source to .mp4 format.  The following are the set of software that I am currently using now.

HandBrake is a very good program specialized for converting video source into iOS device format.

Avidemux is the program I use for simple editing of the result .mp4 file.  In most of the cases, I only need something to do cut and paste editing in order to chop a section out of a clip or to join clips together.

CamStudio is a simple yet useful screen recording program.  It can record a region or full screen with sound.  It can save as both AVI and SWF files. (I do not use this program any more because I found better one.)

Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen cast program.  Free version allows me to record 15 min. screen cast (which I think should be quite enough for short tutorial).  The result can be saved as local file with various kind of formats, or upload to youtube directly.  It also track mouse action with different displays.

Krut is a free java based screencast program which record screen cast into .mov file.  The program is simple but the result is quite good (smooth).

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