Fine tune my old HTC magic

I am an IT person, but I like to use old thing until it is not functioning well enough for daily operation.  This includs my good old HTC Magic.

There are many things that one can do to fine tune such device.  The following are some of the things I did in the past to keep the device going.

  1. Root the device, without rooting it, there are actually not much that one can do.  The ROM that I am using is Magic Fusion which has all the things I need even it is only Android 2.1.
  2. Remove all unnecessary apps (including system apps).  Every apps will use up some space in the Dalvik cache.  For example, after replacing the system launcher with GO launcher, I remove the original launcher as well as the Rose UI.  This has the additional advantage of having one less running apps.
  3. Remove unnecessary widgets to limit the number of background processes.  For example, those weather widgets are beautiful in display but how many times a day that you need to look at the weather?
  4. Add swap space.  This helps a lot in my case.  After adding the swap space, the launcher app seldom forced closed.

2 thoughts on “Fine tune my old HTC magic”

  1. Never declare, “I am an IT person”. If you are that smart, we will be able to tell from your article. It’s like me saying “I am a smart person” therefore you should listen to me. It’s just a little arrogant and tends to be something a “non IT” person would say.

    1. I don’t know since when “IT person” become equal to “smart person”, as least that is not my interpretation. I am working in the IT field, that is why I called myself an IT person.

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