Push Notification

In search of “What is push notification?”.  The following are some of the good reading I found from the Web.


Galaxy ADB Driver

I am in the process of preparing a talk about smart-phone.  I want to talk about my HTC Magic and Samsung Galaxy tablet.  While I can display my HTC Magic screen with the screen capture program, the Android SDK cannot find tablet after I connect it to the computer.

After a few search, I found an article talking about this issue.  However, I need to download the “Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x86 file instead of the x64 file in order for my WindowsXP to work.

Finally, make sure that the USB debug option on the device is on.

Mik TeX 2.9 CJK Font Problem

I am a LaTeX user and I love it very much.  Recently I upgraded the system to MikTeX 2.9 (using in PC of course).   However, after I installed the CJK package, the tex file compiled OK but the dvi file cannot be display.   And when I use pdflatex to compile the file, it kept saying that “bsmip source file cannot be found”.   After a few search on Google, the follow command fixed the problem.

initexmf --mkmaps

The remaining task is to re-install my Big5 Kai font.   I also like to mention that I already successfully installed UTF-8 Chinese font using the instruction from http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/aslaksen/cs/cjk.html.

Screen Capture Program for Android

In the process of preparing a talk about mobile device and smart phone, I found a good program for capture and recording the screen from my HTC Magic.  The program is Android Screenshots and Screen Capture from http://www.mightypocket.com/.  It is a window program come with standard installer.  However, it requires that you have the Android SDK installed in your PC.